Tom Gilson is a national church and conference speaker on the truth and goodness of Christianity, equipping Christians and not-yet-believers for confidence in Christ.

Topics List:

• Series: Anti-Christian Accusations? Answered!

You’ve heard the charges. They’re being repeated everywhere! On film, music, TV, YouTube, Facebook, in the college classroom, Christianity is supposedly…

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  • Arrogant!
  • Intolerant!
  • Anti-science!
  • Merely legend!
  • Anti-history!

That’s what they’re saying out there, and it’s tearing down your kids’ faith. It’s not doing your own faith any good either, unless you know there’s a solid, reasonable, caring answer to every one of these charges. Which there is! Every one of those charges has a good answer.

Those answers are yours through Tom’s Charges Answered! series. The topics are available as separate sessions on any of these five topics individually or combined. Together they make for an outstanding church retreat, campus ministry retreat, or at-home series for youth, for adults, or for both together.

• Critical Conversations: Your Guide to Discussing Homosexuality With Your Children

Based on Tom’s Kregel Publications book of (almost) the same name.

• (Almost) All Questions Allowed!

For teens or adults. Got a tough question about the faith? Need an answer? Do your students need to know Christianity isn’t afraid to face the hard questions? I’ve had all-questions sessions with groups ranging from extremely gifted youth to intensely personal men’s bible study. It’s “almost” all questions on the faith as we live it out in today’s culture: how we know it’s true, and how it interacts with contemporary opinions and beliefs.

• Talking With Your Children About Tough Questions: Why You Have To Do It, and How You Really Can:

A two-hour seminar for parents (with a 30-45 minute option available).

• Too Good To Be False: Why Jesus Christ Is Too Great To Be Mere Legend:

Based on this blog post and the related Touchstone magazine article.

• How Arrogant Is That, Really? (Is It Okay To Believe There’s One Truth, and That I Know It?)

Synopsis and Audio; YouTube Video.

• Does Faith Make Sense In an Age of Science?

Synopsis and audio

• Uncreating Atheists: A Plain Answer to Atheism’s Most Effective Strategy.

Based on Tom’s book Peter Boghossian, Atheist Tactician: What He Gets Right, (Some of) What He Gets Wrong, And How Christians Must Respond.

• Atheist Role-Play:

Helping students and adults recognize the questions that atheists bring our way—and equipping them to answer.

• Called To Be Great:

The most humble thing you can do as a Christian is be all that God has called you to be.


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