Resources for Seminar, “Faith In An Age Of Science”

Resources for the seminar on Faith In An Age of Science, specifically covering the historical relationship between science and Christianity.

This is the extended list. I recommend you work your way through what interests you most in the Essential List before you dive into these.


Internet Pages

Podcasts (Audio and/or Video)


From next week’s guest speaker, David Heddle, “Science and Faith At War? This is the first post in a series. To continue in the series, click the link for “Newer Post” at the bottom of each page.

Quoted in the talk: Lawrence Krauss, at Wall Street Journal, God and Science Don’t Mix

Finally, a list of great scientists who believed in God—-though I don’t think Einstein belongs on this list. He said things at times that indicated such a belief, but overall it does not appear to be the case that he did.

‘*Very highly recommended

**Sources recommended to me, which I have not read myself.

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  1. July 12, 2009

    […] is the essential list. An extended list of resources is also […]

  2. July 26, 2009

    […] some of these misunderstandings. Documentation for the talk has already been posted, with an extended list of resources also […]

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