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Reader Reactions to Too Good to be False

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“What an Eye-Opener”

Fascinating… Really interesting… Unique… A new angle a lot of us haven’t considered… What an eye-opener; it’s like looking at a multi-faceted diamond and seeing brilliance that you’d never seen before.

Janet Mefferd

“Absolutely Brilliant!”

Tom Gilson’s masterpiece took everything I thought I knew about Jesus and turned it upside down! I didn’t think I could fall in love with Christ again but this book helped prove me wrong. Absolutely brilliant!

Rulonda JaBrey

Thought-provoking! Worship Inducing!

Through highlighting the extraordinarily powerful and excellent character of Christ, and exposing the holes in skeptics’ theories about the credibility of the Jesus ‘story’, Tom Gilson takes the reader on a journey that ends in worship. Interestingly much of his case is made in what Jesus didn’t do which I found to be a rather unique approach. By the end of the book and the epilogue, one is left standing in awe of Christ and searching her heart to see how best she can devote herself wholly to His worship and spreading the good news of Kingship. An interesting and thought-provoking read for Christians and skeptics alike.

Carla ET Lake

“Deftly and delightfully helps us reexamine Christ’s life and character”

Christ’s brilliance can become dulled by our familiarity with the Gospel accounts. Tom Gilson deftly and delightfully helps us reexamine Christ’s life and character by inviting us to look at what Jesus didn’t do. This fresh, invigorating approach reignited my passion to worship Christ and enabled me to understand His love in a much deeper, more profound and personal way.


“Totally shook me up — helped me to reopen my eyes to Jesus”

Jesus had become so familiar to me that I kind of forgot how amazing He really is. My mind has stopped registering how wonderful He really is. Of course I still love Him and acknowledge the gift of eternal life in heaven that He provided me. But the relationship end of knowing Jesus grows stale because I tend to think I know all there is to know. …

Too Good to Be False totally shook me up. This book helped me to reopen my eyes to how awe-inspiring and unbelievably wonderful my Savior is!

If you read nothing more of this book, read the first section of chapters under Greater Than You Ever Knew. As a Christian who has grown a little too used to Jesus and all the common phrases about Him, this section blew me away.

You will find yourself overwhelmed by how truly loving Jesus was, how His brilliance will forever go unmatched, how incredible his voice of authority changed the world, and much more.

Amber (Blogger)

“Gilson’s approach reminded me of … G. K. Chesterton.”

Gilson’s approach reminded me of some arguments by the literary giant G. K. Chesterton (1874–1936). … [The] book is a refreshing new view of the most influential person of history. … Gilson convincingly rebuts the claim that the Gospel accounts are simply legends.

William Pelletier

“Gilson’s thesis is an amazing one”

Gilson’s thesis is an amazing one and I hope to see more engagement with it. It would be incredible to see what someone like Bart Ehrman would say to it. I hope it gets out in the world of academia all the more. …

This is a book to be taken seriously by Christian and skeptic alike. I look forward to seeing more that comes out concerning it.

Nick Peters

“Brilliant… has a special quality that many great ideas do”

I think your book is outstanding. Its argument is brilliant, and the key insight that it offers has a special quality that many great ideas do–it leaves one asking, “How did I not see this myself?”
For me, proper understanding of how remarkable Jesus really was provides some of the strongest support for Christianity available. Your book has certainly strengthened my faith.
Matt (via personal email)

Great for Every Christian

This book will pull you in and help you meditate on the beauty, majesty, and goodness of Jesus Christ.

Tim Arndt
Ratio Christi

A Unique Perspective on Jesus

Too Good to be False made me re-examine the uniqueness of Christ and love Him even more than before. I suggest this book for anyone who wants to grow in their relationship with Christ from a young believer to a seasoned one. You will not only grow in your knowledge base of Christ, but I also believe you’ll grow to love who He is more as well.



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