Find Your Authentic Self, or Find an Authentic View of God?

Everyone’s in a rush to find their “authentic self.” We’re going about it the wrong way, though. We find our true selves by giving up false gods and finding the true God. We’ve missed his reality, however.  Even Christians have, in my view. That’s why I say in this message to The River Church in Liberty Township, Ohio, delivered last month, it’s time we hit a big reset button on our view of God.

(There is an unusual echo in the sound here. After listening a while you’ll probably find you’ve tuned it out, but if not, I expect to have an audio-only version posted for you by the evening of February 8, with that echo audio-magically removed removed.)

Also available in podcast form.

Image Credit(s): The River Church.

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2 thoughts on “Find Your Authentic Self, or Find an Authentic View of God?

  1. God is great, and God’s glory is expressed in different ways in every human person, but there’s a danger of pantheistic error in saying he lives in every human body, and the saying also ignores the fact that his Holy Spirit only resides with persons who have been cleansed by Jesus from sin that otherwise separates us from God. This is not every human, but only those who have made the repentant, believing decision to follow Jesus Christ by faith.

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