Alisa Childers: ‘Reading Through Your Book Was … Exciting’

Alisa Childers, gifted speaker, former ZOEgirl singer, and author of the outstanding book Another Gospel?: A Lifelong Christian Seeks Truth in Response to Progressive Christianity, graciously invited me on her podcast to talk about my own book Too Good to Be False: How Jesus’ Incomparable Character Reveals His Reality. I really appreciate her words about the book. At the four minute mark:

I’ve got to tell you, as I was reading through your book it was actually… exciting! … I mean, doctrinally, we know Jesus never sinned, we know that on a certain level. But  … you bring it out in a way that I’ve never seen anyone do before.

And again at 27 minutes:

I didn’t know what to expect, I’d seen your book I wanted to read it. And I remember reading it on a plane, and I’m reading this, and that is the effect it had on me.

What effect does she mean? She’d just asked me to summarize my thoughts about Jesus character, and I’d said how my study had drawn me to worship Jesus as never before, to see he’s greater than I’d realized. That’s the effect. As she went on to say,  “It made me just want to bow down and worship.”

If this book leads people to worship Jesus, then it’s done much of what I’d hoped of it. Yet it’s also a book that shows how we know with confidence his story isn’t merely a story: It’s literally too good to be false. Watch the conversation and see! (Also on audio.)