Three and a Half Interviews Tuesday, August 11

Just a quick update as I’m heading out the door. First, for those who’ve subscribed to email updates, my apologies for a hiccup in the system that sent an old message on Monday about a webinar that happened weeks ago.

Second, tomorrow (Tuesday) is a big day: Three interviews scheduled:

  • 8:40 am with an Alabama radio station, about a Stream article.
  • Noon to 1 pm, on video with Midwest Christian Outreach
  • 3:30 pm on Line of Fire Radio with Michael Brown

All but the first are focused on Too Good to be False. Links and further details on the August 11 calendar entry in my Media & Events page. Please pray; and I hope you can join me for one or more of them, too.

Also, keep an eye out for an email interview I did with Sean McDowell, which I believe he’s planning to post on Tuesday, too. (That’s the one I counted as “half.”)

Image Credit(s): Austin Neill, Unsplash.