Join Our Webinar and Book Launch Party on July 31!

This Friday, July 31, at 5:00 pm Eastern time: The official online book launch/webinar for Too Good to be False!

  • Why are Christian leaders like Sean McDowell and Frank Turek saying this book is filled with truly surprising new insights on Jesus?
  • Why does Josh McDowell say it presents “a new and compelling case for the truth of his story as presented in the Gospels”?
  • What new challenges will skeptics like Bart Ehrman have to answer when they’re confronted with this powerful and never-before published case for the Gospels?
  • How will this book’s new insights into Jesus’ greatness help deepen your own walk with him?

Michael Stover of Valor Media will be joining me this Friday for an hour (maybe more) of answers to these and other questions. The webinar is free — with premiums offered, even! — to the first 100 to sign up for it. Others will be able to view it here not long afterward.

We hope to see you there. Please join us!

Image Credit(s): Jason Leung/Unsplash.

Tom Gilson

Vice President for Strategic Services, Ratio Christi Lead Blogger at Thinking Christian Editor, True Reason BreakPoint Columnist

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