Webinar Tomorrow (Thursday): Did Jesus Rise from the Dead?


I just got the details on this. Tomorrow (Thursday) evening I’ll be co-leading a Zoom webinar, “Did Jesus Rise From the Dead?” The answer is yes — but how do we know?

It’ll be a live Q&A panel on the evidence for the resurrection of Jesus.

I’ll be co-leading this with three other leading speakers/authors: Dr. Timothy McGrew, Dr. Lydia McGrew, and Dr. Jonathan McLatchie.

It starts at 7:00 pm. Go to my Facebook page for more details, or use this Zoom link to join in:


There’ll be a YouTube live stream as well, for those who don’t do Zoom. Look for it here, or if that doesn’t work, search for Jonathan McLatchie’s channel on YouTube.

Hope to see you there!

Image Credit(s): Bruno van der Kraan/Unsplash.

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