Webinar on YouTube: Did Jesus Rise from the Dead?


Last night Drs. Timothy McGrew, Lydia McGrew, Jonathan McLatchie and I teamed up for a question-answer panel discussion on the question, “Did Jesus Rise from the Dead?” Our discussion was rousing at times, especially when we were answering atheist John Loftus’s questions. Here’s the recording.

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  1. Cory C says:

    I’ve always wondered about the temple veil being torn in two. Are there any independent sources that corroborate it? I imagine the Pharisees and others would have been extremely upset by it, and to the point that they would record it somewhere or at least comment on it? Thanks.

  2. Tom Gilson says:

    Good question, thanks!

    I’m not aware of any independent attestation on that. What you say makes sense — though it might also be that they would have been so embarrassed the suppressed the information. Arguments from silence are risky propositions in any event. Ulysses S. Grant wrote his whole memoir of the Civil War without mentioning the Emancipation Proclamation. You just never know what someone might decide not to write down.

  3. Cory C says:

    Thank you for the response! I’ll have to keep that Grant reference in mind!

    I once heard Dr. Michael Brown say the torn veil may be implied in Jewish midrash from the 2nd century, a veiled (pardon the pun) reference to the temple veil being removed because it was damaged. But I do agree with you that such an event would be embarrassing and there’s no way they would want it published far and wide, although the gospel writers may have had inside information (from priests who worked in the temple and converted as a result). Blessings to you, Mr. Gilson.

  4. Cory C says:

    Edit: the temple doors were swung open, see b. Yoma 39b. Not that the veil was damaged. You can see the reference here: http://www.yashanet.com/library/temple/yoma39.htm

    This is from Rabbinic tradition very early on, circa 1st C.

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