Teaching Apologetics in Dayton the Next Six Thursdays


Downloadable Stand Strong — Charges Answered! Flyer

Southwest Ohio — Starting this Thursday!

I’ll be teaching a six-week apologetics series at Fairhaven Church, 627 Whipp Rd., Centerville. Sessions will be at 7 pm, downstairs in room A. (Stairs are near the kids’ boat, behind the Welcome desk. Elevator is near there.)

It’s my “Stand Strong” series described on my Speaking Page, focused on six major charges brought against Christianity’s goodness and truth. This week it’s the charge that we’re arrogant and rude for claiming we know one way to God.

In this course I’m piloting a new workbook and teaching package for publication, so you can help make that happen when you’re here.

Registration is optional, but it’s helpful for planning. Sessions are stand-alone, so come to as many as you can make. See you there!