I couldn’t stay away. I’d said I was retiring this blog, but in the weeks since then I’ve realized that’s wrong. What I really needed to do was re-purpose it. You can see it now on the home page; I’m using this as an author/speaker website, with the blog included as part of that. I’ve got my first new post ready to go in a few hours.

When I shut it down it was because I was having trouble discerning where Thinking Christian fit alongside my other writing at The Stream and The Spiritual Readiness Projectnot to mention my next book currently in process. I strongly encourage you to read The Stream. It is undoubtedly the best place to go on the web for a Christian perspective on current events, along with a good helping of timeless Christian encouragement.

The Spiritual Readiness Project is proceeding in a seasonal fashion as other team members and I have opportunity to do the research for it. Expect much more to come from that this fall.

Meanwhile Thinking Christian will be a home for weekly (at least) work on more challenging, sometimes more experimental thinking than I do at The Stream. And I’ll keep you informed here about other major work I’m doing elsewhere.

I’d welcome your prayers as I start here again. Thank you!

Image Credit(s): Nikolay Hristov/Unsplash.

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  1. Ken Klos says:

    Great! It’s good to have you back, Tom. You are a reliable source of thoughtful Christian wisdom, and we all need more of that! PRAISE GOD FROM WHOM ALL BLESSINGS FLOW!!