Help Fund the Poached Egg!


It’s one of my proudest claims to fame here at Thinking Christian: Greg West, who runs the famous Poached Egg website, tells me I was the first blogger to link to the site. It was early in 2011, when no one knew yet that the Poached Egg would become the top apologetics aggregator site on the Internet.

Greg has been scouring the web for apologetics news and insights ever since then. He’s garnered praise from the best in the business. His site, named after the poached egg analogy C. S. Lewis used in his “Trilemma” argument, is the go-to place for finding the best blog posts and book recommendations.

We had the chance to get to know each other and become friends, first through the Christian Apologetics Alliance Facebook group, then later when we were both Ratio Christi staff members. I visited him at his home in Missouri. We went out for breakfast. (You’ll never guess what I ordered that morning.) I’ve seen Greg’s heart, his commitment, his skill. I really appreciate him; you would, too, if you got to know him.

Greg puts a lot of time into his apologetics work. We all benefit from it. He needs our support so he can keep putting in the hours it takes to serve us so well.

So I’m encouraging you today to help fund The Poached Egg at GiveSendGo. Has his page helped you? Then return the favor. If not — where’ve you been? Check it out today!