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FamilyLife Today Listeners, Welcome! I’d Love To Come Share With You and Your Church

Welcome, FamilyLife Today Listener!

You’ve heard my interview with Dennis Rainey and Bob Lepine. I really appreciate your listening, and I especially thank you for coming here to find out more.

I want to help you keep your youth and younger kids spiritually strong under gay activism’s powerful anti-Christian barrage.

This topic matters to you, your family, and your church. It’s a complicated one. Or at least it seems that way, though it really doesn’t have to be. I wrote Critical Conversations  to clear out the complexity for you. I can do the same through your church, at your conference, or in other group gatherings.

This message especially for parents whose kids are being challenged by anti-Christian gay-activist messages — which means it’s for every parent. Youth pastors, too!

Children and youth are bombarded daily with the idea that biblical morality is “hateful,” “homophobic,” “bigoted.” It isn’t true, but do our kids know that? Do they know it well enough to stand up to the barrage?

But then you as a parent, or maybe even as a pastor, may be wondering, “Do I have what it takes to show my kids the truth?” The answer is yes, but only if you learn something about the issues. Which is why I wrote the book. Three reasons, actually:

  1. To explore the issues and expose the gay-activist lies
  2. To help you know how to get past the awkwardness of talking about these issues with your kids
  3. To tell you in unbelievably practical language what you can say to your kids

Several people have told me that third part is unique: They’ve never seen such a parent-friendly approach, simplifying complicated issues so every parent can do them.

It isn’t just for teens, by the way. More and more, gay activism affects kids in grade school, too.

Speaking at Your Church, Conference, or Group Meeting

This is truly today’s toughest challenge to families and to the Church. I can help.

I’d like to bring my biblically-based, practical training to your church, your parents’ gathering, your conference, your youth group (in adapted form), or any other setting where it would fit.

I’m also available to train churches in how to respond in biblical love and truth to the gay, lesbian, or transgender who comes to worship with you — or even to harass you, as some churches have experienced.

Just contact me, and if there’s any way possible I’ll be glad to come help you, your church, and especially the young people you want so much to follow Jesus Christ their whole lives long.

Thanks again for coming to find out more!

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