Facebook Live at 8:00 Eastern Tonight: “Secular Humanism’s Awful Inhumanity”


Watch for it live on The Stream’s Facebook page, at 8 pm sharp this evening, eastern time.

My Stream article on “Secular Humanism’s Awful Inhumanity” last week has gotten more pushback than most articles I’ve written there, which makes it a good one to use for this evening’s Facebook live videocast.

The main complaints I’ve heard have been that I’ve misrepresented atheists/humanists, that I’ve set up a straw man version of humanism, and that atheists don’t agree with the conclusions I think their beliefs logically come to.

I’ll address all that, and I’ll be on the lookout for you leaving comments for me and for each other there.

Thanks for joining the group there!

Image Credit(s): Austin Neill, Unsplash.