Do You Enjoy Apologetics? Then Take Your Pastor to Lunch!


April is “Take Your Pastor To Lunch Month!” for Christian apologists. I don’t mean pros, I mean everyone who enjoys apologetics, who wants it to become more of a ministry in your churches, and who’d like it to grow across Christianity.

Why take your pastor to lunch? Two reasons. From the Spiritual Readiness project page:

  1. Relationship. The key to building apologetics ministries is to be connected with your church’s overall ministry. That takes relationships with leadership. And as you’ll see when you go on to the rest of the plan, it starts with listening, learning, and supporting your pastor.
  2. Research. We [at the Spiritual Readiness Project] believe the question, “Why is it so hard to get apologetics in church?” needs a real information base so we can all discover what to do to build that ministry. And there’s another related question: “Where is apologetics ministry going really well, and why?”

I’m leading this project, part of a group that includes Mia Langford and Tim McGrew of Project 360. Don’t be fooled by the simplicity of the Spiritual Readiness web page. We’re keeping it that way intentionally as we launch, but this is the beginning of a five-year project researching how best to bring apologetics into the church.

We’ll be doing more survey research, focus groups, and other methods to discover issues, opportunities, and best practices. There is at least one book plus many conferences, and multiple lay- and academic-oriented papers in the plan.

But it begins now with you taking your pastor to lunch, to provide us with the first round of data, and to give you a new opening for ministry/leadership relationships in your church.

So go for it! Take your pastor to lunch!)

(If you miss the chance to connect in April, May is okay too.)

Image Credit(s): Mia Langford.

2 Responses

  1. Jim Zangmeister says:

    Tom – just wanted to say KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK, BROTHER!!! I’m digging your blog and I’m thrilled to learn about the Readiness Project. You’re an encouragement to all of us other soldiers in nearby trenches.

    Jim Zangmeister (we had breakfast with our wives at an Impact360 conference a while ago).

  2. Tom Gilson says:

    Hi, Jim! No need to remind me who you are! Thanks for the encouragement. Spread the word about this thing, okay?