New Release! A Christian Mind: Thoughts on Life and Truth in Jesus Christ

Just released! My new book A Christian Mind: Thoughts on Life and Truth in Jesus ChristIt’s a collection of the best from this blog, plus a couple articles first published at Discipleship Journal and Touchstone magazine.

Available as Kindle ebook or paperback. (Paperback may not publish for a few hours yet.)

From the description at Amazon:

A Christian Mind comprises the best of Tom Gilson’s original work, curated from his highly popular Thinking Christian blog, written over the past ten years or so — more than 45 articles chosen because each of them looks at its topic in fresh new ways.

Nothing can be completely new except perhaps certain creative heresies. New insights, though, can come from seeing things in new ways: noticing connections, for example. What does it mean whenJohn the Baptist, famous in Scripture for his humility, says something that doesn’t sound “humble” at all?

Some of the least common yet most insightful perspectives are those that come from seeing what isn’t there. Jesus never used his extraordinary powers for his own benefit. Nowhere in the Bible does it say that Jesus had faith. What can we learn from what’s not there?

This is the kind of creative thinking Tom brings to life in Christ, to Christian apologetics, to answering skeptics, and to ethics — including the painfully contentious question of marriage and morality.

It’s those kinds of fresh perspectives that may give you pause throughout this book to say, “That’s interesting; I hadn’t thought of it that way before!”

Yet the reason for the book is neither new nor original: The world is growing way more complex, way more challenging, way more difficult to navigate. We desperately need fresh thinking in order to keep up with it.

For the Western world has never before seen such a concerted challenge raised up against Christianity as what we’re experiencing today. We won’t be able to stand against it effectively with tired, faded thinking.

In an age of increasing challenge, Tom Gilson’s thoughts on life and truth in Jesus Christ will lead you, too, to develop your Christian mind.

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  1. Tom, picked up a kindle copy. Have you ever thought of releasing something like this on audible as an audiobook?

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