A New Look for the Blog


I like to change the appearance of this blog somewhat from time to time, but this is my most drastic change in years.

The previous theme was built by my son, who is too gainfully employed elsewhere now — and doing more behind-the-scenes coding, rather than site design — to be able to keep it up to date for me. The site was running very slowly. When I asked him whether there might be a problem with his theme’s compatibility with the current WordPress software, he said he had no easy way to check it.

So I looked for pre-made themes, and decided I liked the clean simplicity of this one. Hope you do, too. In case you miss the old banner (as maybe only I probably will), I’m using it one last time here on this post.

Recent comments still show up on all pages except the front page.

Old TC Banner

6 Responses

  1. It looks good to me, Sir Thomas. Look forward to some interesting discussions here.

  2. One complaint, it looks like the comments no long are numbered, which prevents the @Tom #24 mode of reference. Though it looks like there aren’t as many long comment-war discussions here now.

  3. Tom Gilson says:

    Good point. Should be fixed now. Let me know if you see anything else!

  4. Tom Gilson says:

    Not quite right yet. If I comment using my admin login it doesn’t count what I say. Rather ironic…

  5. Tom Gilson says:

    For the sake of troubleshooting I should mention it’s probably only a problem when I use the back-end comment reply function. But it affects every comment I’ve entered that way since the blog began, so it will mess up a whole lot of history if I don’t get it fixed.