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My Most Important Message of Them All: Living in Grace

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For all the apologetics I do, nothing I’ve ever communicated has been as important as this message of living in a grace-filled relationship with Jesus Christ. It’s about knowing what the law, the “rules,” are for, and what they can never do. It’s about connecting in a vital love relationship with Christ, at your best moments and even at your worst.

I’ve written about this before (not often enough, maybe). Now for the first time the message is on video, from my guest preaching visit to The River Church in Liberty Township, Ohio last Sunday.

I really hope you’ll take time to view and/or hear it. There’s an audio download available if you’d prefer just to listen.

(Someone told me after this message he was hungry for cupcakes. For the record, eating cupcakes isn’t necessarily wrong, but I’ve been losing weight — about 9 pounds over 6 weeks so far, with mumble mumble more pounds to go. For me, for now, it probably is a bad idea. Most of the time.)

Image Credit(s): Sara Gilson.

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