Wake Up, Church! Be Grieved, Be Angry, Be Free To Act

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Just published at The Stream, one of my more important articles ever:A Time for Anger, A Time for Grief.”

The Western world is in spiritual crisis like never before. Persecution of Christians is on the rise. Spiritual apathy is increasing. The LGBT movement is literally attacking Christian faith through charges of its being hateful and homophobic — and that attack is successfully turning many away from life in Christ.

And the Church still won’t wake up.

Much of the reason is because we see these things and they upset us, but we don’t know what to do with it. We feel anger welling up, but we’re afraid of it. So we quench it. We pace the room, muttering about how bad things are getting, then, to make sure we don’t do something un-Christian in our anger, we sit down again.

We’ve got to get into action. Anger motivates action. Yes, usually it’s destructive action —
but it doesn’t have to be.

We’ve got to get into action. Anger motivates action. Usually it’s destructive action, but it doesn’t have to be. We can be free to angry; free to move into exactly the right kind of action — if we follow Jesus’ example and let our anger be tempered by tears. For the upset we feel is of both sorts: disturbing and grievous.

That’s the point I made in an article that might just be one of the most important I’ve written, just published at The Stream:A Time for Anger, A Time for Grief.” It’s not your usual biblical message, but it’s definitely biblical. And the usual messages have left us sitting immobilized — not the biblically wise place to be.

I urge you to read it and share it. Let it give you permission to wake up; to feel the kind of grief-filled upset that motivates and frees you to commit yourself to godly, positive action.

I pray it will help the Church quit pacing, quit muttering to itself, quit retiring to its easy chair, and get out and do what needs to be done in God’s name to demonstrate the life, love, and truth of Jesus Christ.

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