Talk It Up! Major New Study on Homosexuality

Major New Study Released

Yesterday a new scientific study was published at The New Atlantis questioning much of today’s homosexual transgender narrative. There’s no evidence that LGBT people are “born that way,” and there’s good evidence that young people with same-sex attractions end up in strong heterosexual relationships as adults.

That’s a start. I’m still reading the book-length article. Ryan Anderson summarizes it: Almost Everything the Media Tell You About Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Is Wrong.”

My friend Michael Brown made a strong prediction about how gay activists will respond to it. Eventually he’ll undoubtedly prove to be exactly right. So far he’s only just barely right. He’s expecting an outpouring of hate toward the researchers. “How will gay activists respond? They will shoot the messengers. Watch and see. We’ve seen the pattern for years.”

So far, however, Google searches for “New Atlantis homosexuality” and “Johns Hopkins homosexuality” reveal little besides a long list of conservative and Christian responses. As for liberal and progressive news sites? Nothing. Mainstream media? Not a word. You’d think that for all the interest they’ve found in homosexuality, a high-standards scientific study like this one would get their attention.

Right Wing Watch mentioned it with relatively little comment (good for them!).

The New Civil Rights Movement, an unabashedly pro-gay marriage site, complained that the article’s sources were biased. Funny thing, that. Tons and tons of research included in the study, and (as predicted) they take aim at the messengers instead. (There will be more of this.)

Other than that and a couple of bloggers — the sound of rabbits barking.

Please read the study — at least the executive summary. And talk it up. There’s good information there. Let’s make sure there’s good conversation.