Thanks, Feedspot! And Thank You, Too, Readers!


I saw this Feedspot Top 100 Christian blogs page this evening, and decided to scroll down to see whether Thinking Christian was on the list. I was pretty surprised to discover where it had landed: number 9.

The higher-ranking blogs are all managed by publication companies or blogging teams, so that leaves this one at the top rank for individually-hosted blogs.

It’s just one editorial team’s opinion — but they know their way around blogging.

Thanks, readers. I’d never be here without you! And thank you, too, Feedspot!

Image Credit(s): Grace Digest.

3 Responses

  1. John Moore says:

    There are all sorts of websites listed. I wish there was a good list of just the apologetics blogs where you can have a good back-and-forth discussion. I think a great measure of blog quality is just the number of comments you get (and also the quality of comments, although that’s harder to measure).

    Here are a few other blogs not on the list that have good discussions sometimes:

    Stand to Reason

    Cross Examined

    Victor Reppert

    Edward Feser

    JW Wartick

  2. scbrownlhrm says:

    Following John’s lead:

    A good blog as well: still fairly new, but the writing is good and Matt’s replies to comments pro or con are thoughtful and engaging:

    [PS: Congratulations Tom!]

  1. October 28, 2016

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