25 Lies Dominating Western Culture Today

25 Lies Dominating Western Culture Today

… and seeking to rule over your own view of reality.

Not one of these is true. Even Christians are falling for some of them, though — especially the last three.

  1. Humans are unexceptional among the animals.
  2. Human nature is malleable according to human will.
  3. Innocent, defenseless human life is dispensable without moral consequence.
  4. Human flourishing is best promoted through shielding persons from contrary opinions, beliefs and values.
  5. Disagreement on moral choices and practices is equivalent to hate.
  6. Male and female are malleable according to human will.
  7. Sexual intimacy can be decoupled from its natural emotional and relational effects.
  8. Sexual fulfillment is integral and essential to human fulfillment.
  9. Marriage is as government decides.

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  10. Virtue is irrelevant to leadership and to a people’s flourishing.
  11. Virtue’s principles change with changing times.
  12. Freedom is separable from virtue.
  13. Virtue can flourish apart from belief in God.
  14. Wisdom found in the Western tradition has nothing to offer today’s multicultural world.
  15. Human motivation can be distilled to economics and power relations.
  16. Economic sufficiency provides personal fulfillment.
  17. All religions are equally true (or equally false).
  18. Religions motivate people in similar ways to do similar things, regardless of their teachings.
  19. Christianity is intolerant and hateful at worst, irrelevant at best, and intellectually discredited in any event.
  20. Science and religion are inherently opposed to one another.
  21. God is no longer supernaturally at work in the world.
  22. We don’t need God.
  23. Electing the right politicians will solve the problems of a nation whose people accept these lies.
  24. The lies will go away with no costly struggle for truth.
  25. And we and our children will not be harmed by them.

They’re lies.

Stand for what’s true.

(The linked article’s advice is good regardless of who wins.)

Coming Monday: “25 Truths Essential To Securing Our Freedoms.”


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