Dover, Ohio Visitors


More visitors have visited this blog from Dover, Ohio, in the last 90 days than any other city in the Western Hemisphere. Greetings, neighbors! I live on the other side of Columbus from you, a little ways northeast of Cincinnati.

That high number could be a local internet quirk there: maybe just a few people have visited, but their local internet provider has given them a different IP address each time so they look like a lot of different visitors. Or maybe Dover is a location assigned to VPN or cell phone users who don’t even live there. This could also reach down toward the city of Columbus, not just Dover itself.

Still, though, since I live in Ohio myself, though, I’m interested to find out what the reality is. If you’re one of those Dover area visitors could you please contact me? Thanks.

(Location information is tied to IP data gathered through the blog’s traffic logs as noted in the privacy information page. The highest recorded number of visitors from any one city is from a city in China.)