Why I’m Urging You — Please! — Spread the Word About Critical Conversations

Why Critical Conversations?

I’m asking you to share this post on Facebook, and I’m asking you to buy this book for your pastor and youth pastor. It matters more than you know.

Read what one pastor wrote about it:

I was a Student Pastor for 10 years and have been a Senior Pastor for the last 3 years. Sometimes books come along that are helpful and appreciated and sometimes books come along that are needed and longed for. “Critical Conversations,” by Tom Gilson is the latter….  It is not just a helpful work, it is the necessary work that the local church has been waiting for on these issues.

That’s a start. Maybe it’s sufficient, and you can feel free to go ahead and share this post with your Facebook friends. If not, please read on. I’ve got more to say.

First, though, I want to get some things straight.

I didn’t write Critical Conversations to make money. I could have brought in a lot more dollars per hour writing magazine articles.

I didn’t write it to make a name for myself. I’m content with where I am in life.

I didn’t write it because I want to attract gay activists’ attention; in fact, at first my wife asked me not to write it for just that reason. Look what’s happening around the country just in the past few weeks:

  • A pre-school in Colorado is teaching 4-year-olds to blur gender boundaries. A family who objected was asked to leave.
  • A friend of mine told me about his 6th-grade son being pursued by a gay classmate who wanted to have a relationship with him.
  • Bruce Springsteen, Disney, the NFL, PepsiCo, and dozens of other influential elites are trying (succeeding in some cases) to bully several states into denying the difference between men and women.

I don’t prefer to stir that kind of thing up for myself, my wife, or my family. We prayed about it, though, and we agreed someone needed to write this book; and the “someone” finger wasn’t pointing at anyone but me. So in obedience I wrote it.

critconvcover-web-250.jpgA Necessary Book for Today’s Urgent Situation

Some readers here know I’m a ministry strategist. I have been for over a dozen years, besides the writing and editing I do. I wrote this book because I think it addresses the people standing at the most strategic hinge point — parents — for accomplishing the most strategic goal — preserving and winning future generations for Christ — on today’s most strategic battlefield — marriage and morality.

I wrote this book because it’s extremely, urgently important for parents to take that strategic stance for the sake of their children, and for the sake of future generations, from the individual level to the community to the city and beyond..

What Is Critical Conversations, anyway?

It’s a book of practical strategy and parent-friendly guidance.

You might think it’s an anti-gay book. It isn’t. Sure, it takes a biblical stand in favor of true marriage and morality. Being for that means being opposed to destructive distortions. But that isn’t what I wrote it for. Others have covered that ground already.

(If you’re afraid this book offend your Facebook friends, it won’t. They might not all agree with what I say, but that doesn’t mean I’m expressing any hate toward them. Not unless they’re predisposed toward stereotyping, anyway, and if they are, you can just asking them whether they really believe in stereotyping.)

Rather, Critical Conversations is mostly a book defending Christians young and old from the relentless attack coming our way from pro-LGBT activists and supporters.

What kind of attack? Here’s a sampling:

“You’re a hater!”
“You’re homophobic.”
“Why are you so intolerant?”
“You’re harming LGBT people with your intolerance!”
“You’re on the wrong side of history!”
“You’re a bigot!”
“You’re against equality!”
“Same-sex marriage takes nothing away from traditional marriage!”
“Stop imposing your religious beliefs on us!”
“Jesus never spoke out against homosexuality!”
“God made me this way, so how could it be wrong?”
“You’re just like the southerners who used the Bible to defend slavery!”

Kids are getting slammed with that kind of thing!

It’s the kind of thing that will make kids think Christianity is immoral and unreasonable. That’s why activists are pouring it on against us!

None of it is true. None of it stands up to a few moments of reasoned thought. But who is helping teens (and pre-teens, too!) think it through that way? This book does! There’s a calm, reasoned, and (most often) brief yet thoroughly adequate answer to every one of those challenges, plus another 15 more similar ones, in Critical Conversations. (Read a sample.)

What are they going to conclude?

Most kids — including Christian kids — don’t think we have any calm, reasoned, thoughtful answers to these kinds of questions. So what are they going to conclude from that?

  • That Christianity is as bad as the anti-Christian activists say it is.
  • That Christianity doesn’t have any answers.
  • That Christianity doesn’t care about questions that matter.
  • That somewhere, somehow, there must be another way of life that can do better than that.

And they’re going to leave the faith. In fact they’re already leaving.

Do you want your kids to leave?

Do your friends want their kids to walk away from Christ and his abundant, eternal life?

Could any parent want their kids joining with the forces that have already begun trampling on their parents’ faith?

I’m not scare-mongering. I’m being realistic.

I’m also hopeful. And I care.

I know there are answers. I know how easy they can be. I know how easily most of the gay activists’ slogans and challenges collapse in the face of a moment’s reasoned thinking. I know there are ways for parents, pastors, and teachers not only to learn those answers, but to push past the awkwardness and other barriers that might otherwise inhibit them from helping youth with these otherwise challenging issues.

I know there’s hope.

But we have to take action. You need to take action. And you can! You can make the difference that matters, for a teen, for a family, for a church, maybe for a whole community.

But you’ve got to read the book. And you’ve got to spread the word.

Otherwise teens are going to grow up thinking of Christianity as hateful, bigoted, intolerant, and false, instead of being the true light, life, and hope that it is, the source of all truth and goodness, the path of Jesus Christ, the greatest man by far who ever lived, the one who died and rose again to give us all life.

Show the world — as much of it as you can reach — that there really is a better way.

I could have made more money and had a calmer life if I hadn’t cared so much about teens and families — if I hadn’t written this book, that is.

Please care along with me.

Read the book. Spread the word.

Thank you, on behalf of all the teens and families whose lives you’ll be changing.


If you could do just one more thing … it would really help if you’d post a review on the book’s page at Amazon.com. Thanks again.


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