How Your Relationship With Your Teen Can Grow — and You Can Get Answers, Too — Through Critical Conversations

CriticalconversationscoverMy Kregel book Critical Conversations comes out on February 27 — February 22 for Kindle!*


Why a book like this now?

Here’s why.

  • Too many Christian kids are shying away from their faith, for a lack of answers to questions related to homosexuality, and
  • On this issue, which threatens to divide the generations, these “critical conversations” can actually draw parents and teens closer together.



Here’s an excerpt:

What if they have a question you can’t answer? Don’t panic. Here’s where you can really win with your teen! First, celebrate it, then work the question together. You might say something like, “Whoa, daughter, you stumped me with that one! We’re going out for ice cream for that great question!” Would it surprise her to hear that from you? Would she love it? Of course!

Would she come back the next day with something like, “Hey, Dad, how much does Jupiter weigh, and if you don’t know the answer will you take me out for ice cream again?” My daughter would try that with me, I’m sure! Then it’s time to clarify the rules: it has to be a question that matters, and it isn’t going to be ice cream every time….

No matter how you choose to celebrate your teen’s hard questions, you’ll find that treating them that way will encourage openness in your teen, strengthen your relationship, and give you a chance to [work on] something together….

Alan Shlemon, author and speaker for Stand to Reason, summarized it this way:

Simply put, if you have children, you need to read this book.

Want to read more? Here’s an excerpt from Part Three, where I answer a lot of common challenges raised against Christians by LGBT advocates.

* is currently listing a February 22 release date for the Kindle version. The publisher was unable to confirm that this was correct.

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