Coming Back After a Year Away

Coming Back After a Year Away

Over my years I’ve been blogging there have been times when I thought I should take a week’s sabbatical. There were busy seasons when I couldn’t post or interact very much. I never expected to take a whole year off. That’s pretty much what I did in 2015, though.

The slowdown started with a very busy conference at the first of the year. Later in January came the surprising news that Rick Schenker was resigning as president of Ratio Christi, which put our leadership team into emergency mode for a couple of months.

For several weeks my writing time had to be focused on finishing my book Critical Conversations. I rewrote a lot of it after the Supreme Court’s decision on marriage in June. There was editing and proofing to do later in the year. The book is in print now, and due for release two months from tomorrow.

In between all that there were complications to deal with at Ratio Christi, then the new position I accepted with The Stream, not to mention my fourth foot surgery.

For the past few months the main thing keeping me off the blog has been uncertainty about how writing for The Stream would interact with writing here. It turns out the two venues complement each other.

People have often asked me, “How do you find time to blog?” This year I didn’t. I posted once in a while, but nothing like I had done for the preceding ten years or so.

I miss it. I miss the interaction with you.

So I’m coming back. I don’t know if I’ll write as much here as I once did, but I’m committing myself to at least two blog posts a week.

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