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Top Resources Related to Gay Marriage

Sometime in the next several days, the U.S. Supreme Court is going to rule on gay marriage. American Christians are going to be scrambling for information. Google isn’t much good in this case: we need a place where we can all find the very best

I’ve been working with others in the apologetics community to gather a list of the top online resources related to gay marriage. You’ll find it here. These articles, videos, and podcasts are listed for your study and equipping. This list is not just my own opinion, it’s gathered from across the community of apologetics.

If you want to add to the list, please do not use the comment form here for that purpose. I won’t have time to keep up transferring lots of information like that. Use the contact link above to send me a message and I’ll email you a link to a place where you can submit the information.

Bloggers, web developers, etc., please note the permissions in the sidebar: you can take the information and use it anywhere, according to permissions granted there. Better yet would be for you to link to it, for higher Google visibility. This is for very widespread use, so I could use your help. Thanks.

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6 thoughts on “Top Resources Related to Gay Marriage

  1. I hope its ok to use this space to comment about the broader issue. I have had this idea in my head, but do not feel it is fully fleshed out. Perhaps, if there is any merit to it, some of you could help.

    For the sake of things, let’s call it the Inquisitive Alien standard. Simply suppose you were trying to describe marriage, to the fullest extent possible, to a smart, inquisitive person who otherwise knows nothing about marriage and humanity.

    1. Could you do so without ever speaking about how humans are male and female and new humans are produced by a man and woman coming together?

    2. Could you do so without ever speaking about how marriage involves a lifelong, monogamous commitment?

    3. Could you do so without ever speaking about how it is expected that a man only has children with his wife and wife with her husband, and typically marital unions produce children?

    4. Can you do so without ever speaking about same sex relationships and homosexual behavior?

    I think it is impossible to describe marriage without at all mentioning the first 3 and entirely possible to describe it in the full with no mention of 4. If one did mention number 4, the inquisitive alien would no doubt ask how it relates to the first 3. If you did not mention anything about the first 3, no doubt the inquisitive alien would wonder why once they got to observe things for themselves.

    Anyway, I dont mean this to be anything new but perhaps as a tool to help someone think through the issue.

  2. I wonder when a brother and sister or father and daughter will launch their lawsuits for marriage equality. Probably not as quickly as polygamous groups I suppose.

  3. How do you carry on the debate when the proponents have a mentality of “It’s done. Get over it. We’re equal. You lost. You bigots lost. America can finally be proud of something”?

  4. One way the debate will continue to unfold is in the form of consequences – intended or unintended. One thing we can do is point them out at every turn and encourage people to correct course rather than double down on their mistakes.

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