Atheists: What Does Your Worldview Explain Better Than Christianity?

I have a question for atheists. What does your worldview explain better than Christianity?

Notice that I asked, “what does your worldview explain better than Christianity?” I know you don’t think atheism is a belief system. I think you have a worldview regardless, and whatever else may be true of your worldview, if you’re an atheist, it’s probably something like an atheistic worldview.

By “Christianity,” I mean historic, creedal Christianity, as reflected in the most basic statements of belief: the early creeds, and (for Protestants especially) the Westminster Confession, the Augsburg Confession, and the like. They don’t all agree on every point, but I’m referring to the beliefs they have in common.

So the comments are open, subject as usual to the disclaimers above the combox. I’d like to hear from you.

Oh, and if you’re interested in hearing a response from any of us, I suggest you give us your best answers with your best reasons. If you post a long list, that’s not the kind of thing that lends itself to reasoned discussion.


Update March 22: A summary outline of answers given here.