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Conversations with Tim McGrew About Peter Boghossian

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Thinking Christian
Thinking Christian
Conversations with Tim McGrew About Peter Boghossian

Audio and Video!

Peter Boghossian’s Manual for Creating Atheists, published late in 2013, caught my attention for being one of the more strategically influential approaches New Atheism has brought to the table. Last week I had a conversation with my friend Dr. Tim McGrew about Peter Boghossian, in a plenary session at Defend the Faith, a week-long apologetics conference in New Orleans.

It wasn’t the first time we had done this—see the video below the fold. Here’s last week’s audio first, though:

[podcast][/podcast] (Audio provided courtesy of Tactical Faith and Apologetics 315.)

Here’s some background on the video below. Shortly after Boghossian published the Manual I began blogging on it, eventually writing an ebook to analyze its odd definition for faith, among other things. Not long after that, Tim, who is a professor of philosophy at Western Michigan University, had a radio conversation with Dr. Boghossian.

Between those two events Tim and I had our first discussion on the book, an informal conversation at a Ratio Christi meeting at WMU. Including Q & A, that conversation lasted just over 100 minutes. We’ve just released it for viewing on YouTube, divided into seven 15-minute segments.

I think you’ll enjoy it, either in the recent audio version or the video. A Facebook friend of ours wrote this the first day the video was posted: “I watched all seven segments–I couldn’t help myself!”

Talking With Tim McGrew about Peter Boghossian, Western Michigan University, March 2014

Part 1:


Part 2:


Part 3:


Part 4:


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Part 6:


Part 7:

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2 thoughts on “Conversations with Tim McGrew About Peter Boghossian

  1. I think in the first ebook you wrote you called it a “preliminary response.”

    Now that you are at 15 of 15 (and I assume we are moving this topic towards the archives) do you have plans to follow up with a secondary e-book?

    To be honest I think the first and this series of posts is more than sufficient. Or perhaps the e-book was a preliminary for this series of posts rather than a sequel book…

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