Celebrating One Year With Ratio Christi!

Celebrating One Year With Ratio Christi!


I’m celebrating one year as National Field Director with Ratio Christi today! I’m asking you to help me celebrate by coming alongside in support of this urgently needed ministry.

I can’t tell you how privileged I feel to be working alongside our staff: some of the most faith-filled, knowledgeable, and evangelistically-motivated people in the world. They’re taking the word of Truth to where it’s least welcome and most urgently needed, the university campus.

You must have some sense of how urgently this movement is needed. I want you also to know how much your part in it could contribute to our mission.

In fact I want to make a special plea to you who have downloaded and read my ebook on Peter Boghossian. More than most professors, he represents the counter-Christian campus environment that we’re here to help students with. We need your help teaching the truth where he’s promoting falsehood.

Or maybe you’ve heard of the University of North Carolina at Wilmington’s commencement ceremonies this year. Students who graduated with honors wore a gold braid. Students who self-identifed as gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender were granted a like honor: they wore purple braids. Straight students who supported GLBT students could proclaim that achievement by wearing a lavender braid. Meanwhile, Ratio Christi was changing students’ lives for Christ at UNCW. We need your help reaching students where entire universities are standing against Christian beliefs.

Here at this one year anniversary, I’d like to tell you the story of Ratio Christi, including our story in student’s lives in the past year, the astonishing history of my first year as National Field Director (or at least I was fairly astonished at what God has done when I reviewed it!) and specific ways you can help advance this crucial ministry.

Thank you for celebrating with me!

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