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Zero Inbox! Email for Mac Users, Using MailTags

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Zero Inbox!

Maybe you’ve heard of Inbox Zero. It’s a productivity goal for keeping on top of all those messages, and never letting your Inbox get out of control. Well, I’ve got something better: Zero Inbox!


This is off the beaten path for this blog, but it’s right at the heart of my day job: keeping track of a huge flow of email. You’ve probably got the same problem. It’s the tyranny of the Inbox, that never-ending, almost-hopeless flow of emails you just can’t keep track of and can’t keep up with.

I’ve developed a workflow that makes your Inbox irrelevant, and I’m offering the information on it as a free PDF here.

What is “zero inbox”? It’s not about stopping the flow of messages It’s not about missing them. No, with this system you can keep up with all your messages better than ever.

It’s only for Mac users. I can only express my sincere sympathy to the rest of you. Download my free PDF on Zero Inbox! Using MailTags, and learn how you can start enjoying email efficiency like never before.


Indev, the creator of MailTags, has provided me with complimentary software in exchange for my publishing this article—but I developed this workflow and fell in love with it well before I contacted them about it.

(Users please notice the disclaimer at the end of the PDF.)

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1 thought on “Zero Inbox! Email for Mac Users, Using MailTags

  1. A fellow Mac user! At least we agree on the stuff that really matters.

    Oh, wait…that was short lived.

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