New Blogs



This list was one that I had kept for a long time, with the failed intention of featuring some of these posts in “New Blogs for the Year” blog posts. I had it stored in a future-publish state, which arrived today. I leave it up here without further comment. I ran out of time to do the features I had intended to do, and I’m still not able to do it today, but I think there’s a good chance you’ll find a good link or two in here to enjoy anyway.


12/1/12Pro-Life PhilosophyClinton
12/1/12Spiritual FriendshipNeo
12/1/12Gay SubtletyNeo
12/1/12A Ground Floor ViewMarc Gaerlan
12/1/12Faith NewsTim Evko
12/1/12Walk GoodJosh Fults
12/1/12Sometimes HopeChris
12/2/12Verdad y FeJ.R. Morales
12/2/12End Times TavernGeorge L. Duncan