God’s Not Dead


There’s an outstanding movie coming out on March 21 in the U.S. This video has virtually the same name, and it’s outstanding, too. God is not dead!

2 Responses

  1. JAD says:

    God is not dead because God is the best explanation for why anything at all exists. Only God can be eternal or self existing.

    If we’re honest we see this when we look at the world around us. When we do, we see we don’t find anything that logically must have “always existed.” Everything it appears has been caused (or is explained) by something else. For example, ancient rocks are created by volcano’s or sedimentation etc.; animals and plants and other forms of life are born reproduce and die; matter can be converted into energy and vice-versa; stars appear to be born, grow old and die, leaving behind either dimly glowing cinders known as white dwarves or exploding brilliantly as supernovae, which “momentarily” light up entire galaxies. Even the entire universe, along with space and time, can be conceived of as having had a cause or an explanation.

    Oh sure, a non-theist could argue that the universe or “the multiverse” could be eternal or “self existing”. But notice that is not necessarily true. Even before the rise of big bang cosmology it was logically possible to conceive of the universe as having a cause or a beginning. It is impossible to conceive of God (correctly understood) as having had a cause. Something that exists without a cause needs no further explanation. Therefore, God is the ultimate explanation for why anything at all exists.

  2. Tim Wood says:

    Well done. Thank you for (re?)posting it. It might be worth digging up a link to the atheist piece that’s referenced and posting it here.