Why I Believe – Evidence for the Faith

This post replaces another one I had published earlier, which is refusing to open now for some reason I cannot resolve.

I’m about to kick off my promised series on why I believe/evidence for the faith. Here’s a first-pass version of the series table of contents. I’m taking a cumulative-case approach, so I think it’s important to list the whole set of topics right from the start. Since it’s a preliminary list I might add more as time goes on. I’ll keep this table of contents current accordingly, and I’ll add links here as I publish. They might appear online in a different chronological sequence than what you see on this list.

I’ve been dealing with atheist objections for too many weeks in a row. I’m looking forward to this!

Why I Believe

  1. What I Believe, or The Christianity I Am Defending
  2. Is There Any Such Thing As “Evidences for Faith?”
  3. Philosophical
  4. Historical
    • Resurrection
    • Biblical
      • MSS
      • External
      • Internal
    • Too Good Not To Be True
    • Christianity Down Through History
  5. Theological
    • Uniqueness of Christ
    • Uniqueness of Christianity Among Religions
  6. Response to Objections
    • Legend Theory
    • Hume
    • Naturalism
    • Anti-exclusivism/Truth Relativism
    • The Problem of Evil
    • The Question of Hell
    • Christianity’s Moral Record