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The Final Chapter (I Hope) With James Lindsay

For those who have been watching and taking part in conversation with James Lindsay, he has just gone right over the top of the mountain and he’s skiing down the wrong side. At first I considered him an interesting interlocutor. With this, however, I have found him to be intellectually irresponsible, tendentious, and maddening; and above all, he has become so far removed from caring about facts and truth that he has become supremely boring.

No comments on this post. This was just to notify you that unless something very surprising comes up, I’m not going to consider it worth my while to interact with him any longer.

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1 thought on “The Final Chapter (I Hope) With James Lindsay

  1. One comment of my own.

    Last night my good friend Carson Weitnauer and I were talking about the pending release of the revised True Reason: Confronting the Irrationality of the New Atheism. He also shared some wise thoughts with me about my interactions with James Lindsay.

    With his help I realized I stayed involved with Lindsay’s blog for too long, until I finally let it get to me. I should have just let him go his way, much sooner than this. I could attribute the error to many things, but the main one, I think was a lack of time spent in reflective prayer about it, slowing down on purpose and letting God slow me down. I regret the error. I think in the end I made a rather bad showing of myself on his blog, and I regret that as well.

    I’ll be honest and say that I’m still processing this, and I don’t know what to say by way of apology to James. As far as whether I spoke truthfully to him, I have nothing to retract. As far as whether I spoke some things needlessly, I have plenty I wish I hadn’t said, and I certainly apologize for my harshness yesterday. It was unhelpful and it was wrong, and I would be glad to ask for his forgiveness.

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