Recommended: “That’s a Great Question” by Glenn Pearson

Great Question by Glenn PearsonJust a real quick notice for you about a great book. I’ll start with two disclaimers.

First Disclaimer: I received this book for free. Well, actually, that’s not much of a disclaimer after all: I got it for free several weeks ago the same way you can today (January 31, 2014): by the publisher’s offer made to everyone. It’s Free Today Only.

Second Disclaimer: Glenn and I first met a very long time ago, when we were both musicians with Campus Crusade for Christ. He plays a very mean harmonica, among other things. It was probably 1979 when I first met him, at the home of a very great mutual friend, John Haddix.

But we had lost touch with each other, and I had no idea he was involved in answering great questions until he surprised me with a phone call last October. We’ve had many opportunities to talk since then, and I’ve been grateful to begin re-making the friendship.

This is not a disclaimer: I really like the book. It’s in two parts. Glenn describes them this way:

  • Part 1—”The Filters”—goes behind the scences to examine how our presuppositions can distort our perceptions of the Bible and Jesus.
  • Part 2—”The Filter of Faith”—provides eighteen principles that help reconcile apparent contradictions in the New Testament Gospels

Examining these filters helps us see things more clearly. Taking a deep and honest look at the church, at himself, at contemporary beliefs and presuppositions, and at the Bible, Glenn accomplishes that clarifying task well. It’s well written and readable. Consider it a great introductory book for a new believer, perhaps, but not just that: I’ve been reading apologetics books a long time and I found it enjoyable and worthwhile.

And it’s not just because I knew the author way back when—but I’m glad to be able to say that I do now.

That’s a Great Question by Glenn Pearson. Free download on January 31: Kindle, Nook, Other

2 thoughts on “Recommended: “That’s a Great Question” by Glenn Pearson

  1. Excellent, thanks Tom! Just picked up the Kindle version and I look forward to the read.

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