“Christianity the Worst Source of Evil? | John G. Stackhouse, Jr.”

Interesting response to an all-too-common question:

A friend writes:

I have run across the following issue a lot recently: the blaming of Christianity (and belief in God generally) for all the major evil of the world. I had a conversation in Seoul with a Canadian expat who argued that Christianity is to blame for the majority of hatred and violence in the world. She was then unwilling to also have a conversation about what Christianity has contributed to education, human rights, medicine and the sciences in general.

I usually respond to such people thus: “Like what? What hatred and evil are you talking about? Please describe the hatred and violence you’re decrying and show why you attribute it to Christianity rather than to, say, greed or lust or vengeance or envy or fear or something much more generic than a particular religion.”

If that doesn’t slow things right down, I might then ask, …

From Christianity the Worst Source of Evil? | John G. Stackhouse, Jr.