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A Message to Our Prayer and Financial Supporters

This morning, over our traditional holiday breakfast of homemade Norwegian tea ring and scrambled eggs, our family’s conversation turned to how the holidays are being overdone. I wouldn’t have thought it possible, but it’s true: commercialization is increasing every year. Thanksgiving has become as much about Black Friday as giving thanks. In some places Friday isn’t soon enough: Meijer stores near here are having a “Thursday” sale all day today. And so our family had a long talk about how not to become jaded in the midst of the excess.

One of the best ways I know is by taking time to give genuine thanks. This morning we gave thanks for you, our prayer and financial supporters in our work with Ratio Christi, who made our special breakfast possible, and much, much more besides.

Our thanks are directed toward you and especially toward the Lord, who has called us into his family, you and us together, to experience his love, grace, and truth, and to participate in his mission of sharing that with the whole world.

At one point this morning I said, “I wish I could take us all away to a nice snowy cottage.” Someone said, “We have one here,” meaning our home. There’s a touch of snow outside, at least. But the point was exactly right: it’s not about secluding ourselves physically, it’s about making space in our hearts and in our conversations for the deep and meangful reality of the holidays, both Thanksgiving and Christmas.

We really do give thanks for you. We think of you often, with great gratitude and love. May God bless your Thanksgiving—your giving of thanks—today and every day.


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