On “Creating Atheists”

I’m expecting my copy of Peter Boghossian’s A Manual for Creating Atheists today. In the meantime, he has already made his views known to a significant degree, as evidenced by this series. He has his views on creating atheists. So do several writers with whom I’m associated, and we’re assembling our thoughts on a website titled On “Creating Atheists”. It’s off to a good start, but there will be much more once we’ve had a chance to read his book, so check back there from time to time and see what’s developing. I think it’s going to prove interesting.

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  1. Billy Squibs

    A very interesting development, Tom.

    A thought. In positioning the site as a response to Boghossian (e.g. the sub-title) it runs the risk of falling off the map when general interest in him fades – as it surely will. This is fine if the central goal is to provide a rebuttal to Boghossian, but there already appears to be articles in there are aren’t specifically addressing his arguments.

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