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  1. That’s quite a list. I happened to be listening to an interview with P.Z. Myers (favourite of Ray Ingles) aired on the Issues etc. podcast. His opening salvo was against the historicity of Jesus. According to Myers the lack of contemporary accounts and other accusations aside suggests that Jesus is really a composite figure, a patchwork of other “priests” and miracle workers.

    The sad thing is that irrespective of the books that are published presenting a positive case for the reliability of the NT they will ultimately all be dismissed a priori by significant figures like Myers and perhaps those he has influence over. Given your previous post on telling a good story what is to be done? This kind of scepticism is infections. For example, I can’t think of the last time that I saw a positive programme exploring the truth of Christianity on TV in my neck of the woods. While I can certainly think of a few that ultimately undermine its truth claims.

    Also, I’m curious why so much of Biblical scholarship is dedicated to the NT. Even amongst apologists (and I pay quite a bit of attention to apologetics in general) seem to deal almost exclusively with the NT.

  2. Hi, Billy,

    I think the answer to your closing question is that first of all, there is being work done on the OT, but you’re right, there’s more attention paid to the NT. The reason for that in my mind is that there’s more information on the NT in history, and if the life, death, and resurrection of Christ can be validated then that’s the main thing anyway.

  3. Billy Squibs –

    I happened to be listening to an interview with P.Z. Myers (favourite of Ray Ingles)

    On some subjects, sure. Evolution, for example. I don’t believe I’ve ever referred to him in the context of Middle Eastern history, though.

  4. Victoria,

    Everyone knows what Erhman is trying to do with his popular writings. Make money.

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