August 31: Mud, Guts, and Glory!

If you’re anywhere near southwest Ohio — and I mean anywhere near — you gotta check this out: Mud, Guts, and Glory, the most beautiful agony you’ll ever experience!

This is one of North America’s first permanent mud obstacle challenge courses, now at King’s Domain near Lebanon, Ohio. Look around this website and you’ll learn more about why we like King’s Domain.

Let me know if you’re coming — I’d love to meet with you there!

Apologies to iOS users: I don’t have a version of this video that works on your devices. Click the link above to get to more great content!

4 thoughts on “August 31: Mud, Guts, and Glory!

  1. Those are tough courses – one has to be aerobically fit, flexible and have a lot of functional muscle strength. I think there are training programs geared toward this kind of event 🙂

  2. Looks like fun. I just did Tough Mudder in Australia which was pretty hard going. 11 miles of rough terrain and some difficult obstacles, including about half a mile of very deep mud. I can handle the aerobically fit part (being a runner), but the muscle strength part was much more difficult than it would have been for me 20 years ago!

  3. I was there yesterday and did the Mud Guts and Glory Run! It was amazing! I also did the Cincy Nation Mud Run and the Mud Ninja as well! Totally Hooked! 🙂

  4. I also ran it and am feeling it today!! Great course. Demanding! BUT a way to finish the race after each of the phases if you choose.
    The second race is set for Nov. 2 2013! Please come run. This race benefits underprivileged children in the Cincy/Dayton area, not just corporations.

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