I’ve been wondering if someone reading here might have a Kindle reader you would be willing to part with. I have a Nook (Simple Touch) that I like a lot, except Barnes and Noble doesn’t match the huge ebook discounts (80% to 100%) that Amazon offers once in a while. It would be a huge boon to my Ratio Christi and blogging work if I could use a Kindle to get those kinds of savings.

I’d be glad to have any of the Kindle models except the big DX-sized ones. If you could pass one along to me that you’re not using any longer, would you let me know through the contact form? Thanks!

Bleg (n.) From blog and beg: any request for free or reduced-cost goods or services, expressed by way of a blog post.

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2 thoughts on “Kindle Bleg

  1. We rooted our Nook Color and Nook Touch and installed an Android Kindle reader on it. I am not sure about the Nook Simple Touch. Here is a possible link.

  2. Did the same with my Nook Color and it now works fabulously as an Android tablet complete with tons of apps. I followed the detailed directions at the website below. Didn’t know you could do the same with a Simple Touch. The link is below in case Tom wants to give it a try.


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