The Strangely Simple World of Internet Atheism

There is a strangely simple world of Internet Atheism.

Let me clarify what I’m referring to. The brand of “Internet Atheism” I’m thinking of when I say that does not include all atheists, nor does it refer all atheists on the Internet, but it is an atheistic world that could only exist because of the Internet. It couldn’t thrive in any numbers if not for the unique features of its environment: blogs, social media, and Reddit, mostly. I’m not referring to all atheist blogs and social media, though I am certainly thinking of some of the big ones.

So then what am I talking about?

This strange world I’m talking about is the realm where science is smart and religion is stupid, science is good and religion is bad, and it’s exactly that simple and easy.

I’ve written about it, with a definite example or two, in this month’s Worldview and You column at BreakPoint.