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If the media won’t do it, we must. Tell the world about Gosnell.

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8 thoughts on “Horrors Untold

  1. When you compare and contrast the media’s treatment of Sandy Hook with Gosnell, it really doesn’t cast them in a good light. Will God turn a blind eye to such evil?

  2. “Why it isn’t receiving more publicity I can’t understand.”

    I don’t mean for you to take this personally but if that is a honest question then you haven’t been paying attention. The Main Stream Media gave up any claim to journalistic integrity well more than a decade ago. Certainly no later than with the election of George W. Bush the media went into full editorial mode in its coverage of the news.

    Remember, it is the stated policy of the New York Times to editorialize the news. And it is the NYT that decides what stories get covered and how the stories that are reported get covered. The rest of the MSM follows dutifully along. What you see in the MSM is NYT approved DNC rubber stamped pablum. (Actually, I’m just being nice using the word pablum. Propaganda is much closer to the truth.)

  3. BillT, not everyone on this blog lives in the US and is familiar with whoever influences your media. The New York Times is just another foreign newspaper to me, albeit the most popular one in the US that I’m aware of.

    It doesn’t say much for the conservative leaning press in the US if they let the NYT dictate what they report on.

    It seems though that the NYT have received some criticism for their coverage:

    The case has received some coverage in Australia:

  4. bigbird,

    There are only two national conservative leaning press organizations in the US. The Wall Street Journal and Fox News . They are the only two that don’t let the NYT dictate to them. Then there are the conservative internet services like Breitbart, Hot Air and NRO. They have been covering the Gosnell story. And the NYT has gotten some criticism about this and many other things. But they really don’t care.

  5. This is probably the best thing I’ve seen demonstrating lack of coverage – Snopes having to publish an article denying that Gosnell is fiction.

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