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About My Missing “New Christian Blogs in 2012”

For the past few years I've hosted a year-end feature called “new Christian blogs of ____ ” (the past year). Each new year I've been finishing that feature later and later. I still haven't done it for this year. I haven't forgotten it, I just haven't done it.

There are two reasons I've been slow. One is a character flaw on my part, which leads me to focus on what's right in front of my face and allows me to forget that kind of standing commitment. The other is that every single year, December and January are my busiest seasons for my non-blogging work; but this year that busy-ness was compounded by experimenting with a new blog format, and by editing a revised version of the True Reason book.

The book went to the publisher on Monday. I still have more more work to do on the blog format, which I hope to roll out within a week. Soon I will be sending emails to the bloggers who submitted suggestions for my “New Blogs” feature, with apologies for being so slow, and then I'll post the feature.

In the future I'd like to keep this feature running every year, but not at the end of the calendar year. I'll probably do it by school year, since that's a convenient way to think of it, even though I don't work on a school calendar.

So if you've started up a new Christian blog since last May, please feel free to let me know about it in a comment here. I'll feature it soon (really!), although I will only do so if you include a link to your one most favorite blog post so far.

Many people miss that last requirement; I just want you to know that I do depend on it. I prefer to feature a very specific thing that you've written, and I that I don't want to hunt for the best one. So it is something I do require.

For those who have been waiting, thank you for your patience. I'll be in touch.


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