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Late last year I said I was taking this blog in a new direction: one in which I would center much of my writing on the specific needs of parents, pastors/teachers, and Christians in the marketplace. That turned out to be a good idea but difficult to implement.

The concept is still evolving. I knew it would. As far as I’m aware, no one has done the kind of user-centered, equipping blog I’m hoping to provide for parents, pastor/teachers, and students, in the context of a living blogsite. Starting on Wednesday, April 17, I’ll be taking this to a new level both for you and for me.

Here’s how it’s going to look, in preview form (click to enlarge — PDF). The main thing is right at the top: weekly featured content for the people who need it most. Inside each of these links, a new navigation structure will enable anyone in these groups to find their way quickly to their most useful material.


New features will include:

Weekly featured content for

  • Parents
  • Pastors/Teachers
  • Students

The Two Central Issues in Christianity and Culture

  • Who Holds the High Ground (Is Christianity Really Good, After All?)
  • The Marriage Debate

Other great additions

  • Easier-to-find core articles
  • A few focus on book reviews
  • Updated subscription options (RSS and Email)
  • More yet to be unveiled

And of course the same blog as always, now under the title Current Commentary

Is this still in progress? Yes. It’s still a new concept, and I’m not committing to a final format until it works for users and for me as it must work.

Commenting Restored

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1 thought on “A Still More User-Centered Equipping Blog

  1. Great! I’m excited to see the new structure. I’m most interested in “Easier-to-find core articles”. While I’ve benefitted from many of the posts and discussions, I find that a few have been much more helpful to me than others. I’d like to see an index that points to a small # of articles as A Good Place To Start for particular topics. I’m thinking of things like your recent post on “Faith as Belief Without Evidence” and a post a few months ago on how Christianity has affected women (sorry, I forgot the title), among others.

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