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Why Did Jesus Die On the Cross?

Why did Jesus die on the cross? Here, and here again, are what I wrote last year.

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5 thoughts on “Why Did Jesus Die On the Cross?

  1. Jesus didn’t die. According to Christianity, Jesus is God. You can’t kill God. And if he didn’t die, he couldn’t be a sacrifice. But even if he could be a sacrifice, to whom was he sacrificed on our behalf? Ah right… to himself.

  2. Here’s what’s sad about this, Mike. You’re addressing a tradition that has included Paul, Origen, Augustine, Aquinas, Pascal, Calvin, Edwards, and many, many, many more strong and capable thinkers — and there’s not a hint in what you wrote of, “Hey, I wonder what Christianity might have to say about this? I wonder if you’ve ever thought about it?”

    Christians have thought about it, Mike.

    If Christianity could have been destroyed that easily, you would not have been the first to notice.

    Are you interested in knowing what Christians have thought, when we have thought about this? If so I’ll be glad to explain.

  3. Mike can’t think rationally. According to naturalism, Mike is pure matter and energy. Matter and energy can’t know if a syllogism is logically valid or invalid. And if matter and energy can’t do that, Mike can’t think rationally. But even if matter and energy could think rationally, how does Mike know if his rationality is reliable and that it results in truth? Ah right… Mike knows.

  4. No, Christianity affirms that Jesus is the Second Person of the Triune God (God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit), Who is also God Incarnate – Jesus is fully God and fully human – two natures integrated completely into one Person. He lived as one of us for a time. He lived, He was crucified, died, buried and was supernaturally resurrected.

    Mike, is ignorant caricature all you seem to be able to do here?

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