Partial Sabbatical Underway

Since late last fall I’ve been working on a fundamental change of direction for this blog, from blogger-centered to user-centered. Behind the scenes I’m making a lot of progress, and it’s time for me to focus for a while on what’s happening behind the scenes. For the next one to two weeks, therefore, I am going to be taking a partial blogging sabbatical.

During this time I won’t be writing any new blog posts for publication. I’ll be posting pre-written articles instead, which I I want to do because it is true, as they say, that it’s very harmful to a blog for it to lie fallow. That’s what I mean by “partial sabbatical.” I’ll be taking time off, but the blog will proceed without me.

This also means also that I’ll be strictly limiting my involvement in comment discussions. If there’s something going on that really requires my attention, I’m confident someone will email me and let me know.

When I return and you see the work my designer son and I have been doing, what you will find will be mostly the same blog, except that the “Focus” areas (Parents, Pastors and Teachers, and Marketplace) will be considerably clarified and easier to navigate. There will be one or two new prominent areas of emphasis. Core articles will be much better defined.

I am dropping the “skeptics and seekers” focus area because that idea was ill-conceived from the start. The whole point of the various areas of focus was to help think people in various roles understand how to think and communicate Christianly from within those roles. The “skeptics and seekers” role is too different from the others for it to work in parallel. I certainly intend for this to remain a welcome home for doubters, atheists, and questioners, though. That’s not changing.

This continues my attempt to forge a new strategic direction for worldview and apologetics blogging. It’s rather a challenge, and I appreciate your prayers.