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What’s Happening With “A Blog For You”?

Early in January I announced a new direction this blog would take, toward a more user-centered “blog for you” approach. My son and I developed a framework in which to fit this new way of blogging, and I began to work toward making it happen.

It was experimental from the beginning, and I knew there would be changes along the way. There have been and there will be. Mostly I’ve discovered that it’s harder than I thought. Eventually I expect to split off another website to work this concept as a group blog with multiple writers. In the meantime, I’ve been consulting with some smart people and doing some strategic thinking of my own to figure out what to do with it now in this web location. Even that has been a lot of work.

So here’s the upshot: I’m still proceeding with my intention to make this blog more user-centered. There will be some structural changes coming in the next few weeks so that I can make it manageable. Until then I’m defaulting to my familiar way of blogging, just because it is familiar to me. The vision for user-centered worldview blogging is moving forward, but you may not see the fruit of that work here for two to three more weeks.


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