True Reason Book Price Drop

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True Reason: Christian Responses to the Challenge of Atheism has just had a permanent price reduction! As of yesterday it’s just $6.99, in ebook form only.

We have news almost ready to announce (finally!) about getting it published in print. That will have to wait a while longer yet, though. I’ve said that more than once over the past several months, and indeed there have been some false starts. Not this time. If you like ebook formats, though, now’s the time!

Reasonable people will take this content seriously.”
John Stonestreet, Speaker, Radio Host, Author — The Point Radio, BreakPoint, and Summit Ministries

Anyone who engages with these arguments thoughtfully will discover that it is surprisingly difficult to be an intellectually fulfilled atheist.”
Timothy McGrew, Ph.D., Professor of Philosophy, Western Michigan University.

“A splendid and timely book…. I thought all the chapters were first rate and that each contributed to the overall defense of the rationality of the Christian faith and the poverty of resources in Naturalism for accounting for the possibility of reason and science.”
Dr. Larry Lacy, (retired) Chair of the Philosophy Department, Rhodes College


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